Below is the Terms and Conditions between the SlotSite.com Affiliate team and any new affiliate partner signing up with the site. These Terms and Conditions will act as a formal agreement which apply to all members of the affiliate program as well as to SlotSite.com themselves.


Throughout your time as an affiliate here at SlotSite.com Affiliates these are the commitments that we SlotSite.com will make for you. SlotSite.com will pay affiliates a flat rate of 30% commission on the net profit of any customer they send over to the Casino site. SlotSite.com has a negative carry over policy which means any month that an affiliate has an overall profit which in the negative by the end of the month that amount must first be made back before they can show profit again. SlotSite.com will always pay their affiliates through either a direct bank transfer or through the online payment company Neteller.

Payments from SlotSite.com to affiliates will be made on the last working day of every month (e.g. Friday 29th April will be payment day and not Saturday 30th April). SlotSite.com has a minimum payout amount of £100 which means if you made £90 from SlotSite.com Affiliates one month this amount would carry over to the next month until you earned at least £100 to meet the minimum payout value.

SlotSite.com will track all an affiliates customers’ bets on the site and provide affiliates with a report of all their players wins and losses which they can access at any time. SlotSite.com reserves the right to prevent any customer from playing games on the SlotSite.com website as well as close access to that account at any time and for any reason, furthermore SlotSite.com may also apply any conditions or restrictions to a customer’s account as they see fit.


Any affiliate wishing to join the SlotSite.com Affiliate program must adhere to these terms and conditions set by SlotSite.com. No affiliate may advertise the SlotSite.com website with the term “SlotSite.com” directly in their website’s domain name. It is your job as an affiliate to make sure there is no advertising of the site done which could be construed as spamming or something similar as this can result in the immediate termination of this agreement without any form of recourse available.

Only pre approved layouts of our advertising tools such as banners, images, and logos may be used to advertise our site and they may not be altered in any way. Any affiliate to SlotSite.com will always act in good faith towards the site and will never actively try to benefit from anything which may cause the site damage in any way. Failure to do so can lead to the immediate termination of the account and SlotSite.com will hold the right to retain any amount still left in your account at the time.

All affiliates will be solely responsible for their own affiliate site including the development, operations, day to day maintenance, and what appears on your site too. This means that it’s the affiliate’s responsibility to make sure their site is free of any libellous or illegal content on their site and SlotSite.com Affiliates disclaims any liability from these matters. SlotSite.com Affiliates has the rights to terminate any account which they see fit, and to void any funds that account has in the process.


SlotSite.com and all affiliates on the site will follow and adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 which governs the protection of personal data in the UK. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION: This Agreement will be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.